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About Abbey People

Abbey People is a charity looking to help the people of Abbey in Cambridge.

Our hope is to...

Increase community involvement
Apply for grants to support community ideas
Help improve local facilities
Be a voice for the whole area


The Abbey Action project started around 1998 as one of Cambridge City Council's 3 Neighbourhood Community Planning (NCP) projects (Abbey, Arbury and Kings Hedges wards).

All three projects were set up with a one-off capital budget to fund local projects and facilities. An annual revenue budget was also provided to set up community events and projects. Part-time community workers were also employed to support each project. Informal steering groups, made up of local residents, were set up to oversee the project and spending of the money. Each NCP project has evolved its own ways of working and types of events and projects.

Since it started, Abbey Action has acted as an umbrella organisation for the Abbey ward, working with, and supporting local groups, organisations and facilities, organising community events, publicising groups and the area's community life via the community newsletter and outdoor noticeboards, encouraging organisations to work closer together (via community networking meetings, etc.).

Some previous events and projects: - annual seaside trip for residents, Christmas event, Abbey Community Fun Day, supporting the annual Stourbridge Fair event, community walks, supporting the independent-run East barnwell Community Centre (events, groups and restoration of the "lost garden"), supporting the Freedom Club Timebank (and the community allotment at The Fields Children's Centre), local history events, Coldhams Common Big Litter Pick, Riverside Community Day, Music in the Museum (at Cambridge Museum of Technology), supporting the "Abbey Futures" project and plans to create a modern community hub on the East Barnwell Community Centre site, preparation of an Abbey Community Directory, exhibitions at Barnwell Road Library, passing on information about grants for local groups, acting as a source of community information, supporting various other community events and projects in Abbey.

Between 1998 and 2013 the informal steering group of local residents has continued to shape the work of the project, but discussions to form an independent, constituted group have taken place from 2011 to date. An independent community organisation for the Abbey area will be able to apply for grants to put on more activities in Abbey / East Barnwell, help improve facilities, encourage self-help and involvement, increase community spirit and act as a voice for the whole area. Decisions will be made by the new committee, and sub-groups will be formed to work on local events, the newsletter and publicity, etc. The project will still be supported by the City Council and with the help of part-time community worker.

This is similar to Kings Hedges Neighbourhood Partnership (KHNP) that has already become an independently constituted voluntary organisation, and has taken on day to day management responsibility for their base at No. 37 Lawrence Way, which is leased from City Homes North. Abbey residents came together on 10th September 2012 to start the process of forming an independent group and agreed a new name (Abbey People) and logo at a following meeting on 11th March 2013, residents and community representatives came together at The Dublin Suite at Cambridge United FC. At the March meeting, several residents and community representatives came put their names forward as new Trustees of the group.

The new Charitable organization will have the general aim:- "To act as an umbrella organisation, bringing together all community groups and agencies operating in the Abbey ward area of Cambridge. To improve facilities, encourage self-help and involvement, increase community spirit and act as a voice for the whole area."

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