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a coffee shop so residents can get to know each other
bring back a fruit and veg shop
bring back the post office!
Traffic lights for peverel road junction
We need a local cofee shop
Improve Dudley road play park.
speed bumps down whitehill/galfrid road
Charge the same on the bus (now 4) as the park and ride (2.70).
Segregate cycles and pedestrians, just look at how the Dutch do it professionally, not the half-hearted nonsense of Cambrid
Fix the potholes
Allow the One Stop to sell fresh food!
give the library lots of money to have classes and speakers and music
replace road signs with lovely arty ones
plant lots of trees with fruit for us to eat, apples, cherries, plums
road verges as wildflower meadows in part :
Right of way for cyclists over the McD's entrance?
The area is seriously lacking in places to eat or drink. Get a new pub!
Improve Dudley Road play area. More community events and better publicised
summer club for the teenagers
Community art and history round and about to make it more colourful
Replace McDonalds with a local cafe and meeting-up place
instead of Mcdonalds put a resteraunt in abbey.
make sure neighbours have to be quiet after 9pm as some people have children tryong to sleep
improve housing estates and make them safer for children to play
improve housing estates and make them safer for children to play
Add flowers to grass verges to stop people parking on them
a local cake/cafe shop.Maybe where the feuit and veg shop is
stop buses traveling through Keynes road
lego vent
more sport
Hey :-D The website looks GREAT !
improve dudley road play area
Have a Citi bus go from Abbey to Addenbrooks.
yellow lines on entrance to peverel road to stop cars parking & blocking the entrance
put a mini roundabout on the junction of barnwell road/peverel road
Get a launderette
Get a nice pub
Regain rule of law on Riverside
Promote ways for residents to get on the river.
Have more evening adult activities/clubs e.g. dance
stop drug dealing on whitehill road
landscape the eyesore of roundabout top wadloes road
stop people parking in the disabled bay outside spar and make more car parking for disabled
Fix the roads and pavements potholes
keep the fruit and veg shop
remove the bollards from dudley road
Stop the illegal rat running through Keynes Road
don't let the fruit and veg shop turn into a a tattoo place
improve dudley road rec
Remove McDonalds and Cambridge United
pedestrian crossing between tennis courts and the other side of Newmarket road.
do more singing and acting clubs that are free
Glee club
a pedestrian crossing from the Newmarket Road bus stop (City3) to Mc Donalds
Start a local "singing for fun" choir
End parking on verges and pavements
Abbey Arts Festival
cleaner streets and area
A safe place for youth to hang out
Free tennis rackets for the tennis court
A credit union for Abbey
A community hub where all ages can drop in and hang out
A cafe with healthy food
More inter generational activities
A litter pick on Peverel
More activities for young people
A post office for Abbey