Abbey Food Hub is on the Move

We’re moving!

Where to: East Barnwell Community Centre- the smaller building on the right which used to be See Saw Nursery.

When: Opening Wednesday 5th May

New Opening times: Mon 1-3, Weds 3:30-5:30, Sat 12:30-2:30 (we will no longer be open on a Friday.

Things will be a little different as we try to move away from an emergency response. However, we want to reassure you that we will still be here for those who need support.


For those who can, there will be a suggested donation of £2 per household when you visit the Food Hub. These donations will go directly back into the Food Hub, helping to keep it running and going towards buying food or household essentials for those who are struggling to access them.

Please note that there is no obligation to make a donation and no one will be denied entry if they do not make one.

Why are we asking for a donation now?

Until now, we have been reliant on people’s good will and emergency COVID-19 funding to keep the Food Hub running. As restrictions ease and funding disappears, we need to make the Food Hub more self-sufficient.

What’s more, there are times where we have to buy in food so that there is enough nutritious food available for those unable to access it. We’re therefore appealing to those who can afford it, to contribute, so that we can support those who can’t.

How will you know what food is bought in and what is going to waste?

We will trial a ‘Traffic Light’ system which will communicate where the food has come from. Each station will be colour coded with either red, amber or green.

Red: There’s not a lot of this type of food to go round today and/or this food was mostly paid for by Abbey People. Please only take if you cannot access it elsewhere.

Amber: There’s an OK amount of this type of food to go round today and/or only some of this food was paid for by Abbey People.

Green: There’s LOTS of this food to go round today. Please take some otherwise it may end up in the bin!

Please rest assured that the Food Hub is very much still open to everyone. Something we feel that has made it such a success is the uniting of members of the community who use the Food Hub for different reasons.

More information, such as when and how to donate, will follow once we have moved.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Food Hub will be closed for 6 days whilst we move. Our last session at the church will be Weds 28th April 3:30-5:30. First session at new location: Weds 5th May 3:30-5:30pm.

If you will need extra support to get through these six days, please contact or call 07736 966683.


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