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First CoFarm family day hosts both tours and workshops

Visitors arrived at the first CoFarm family day to see the progress being made on the sight. The fields were once full of weeds – two years later they have been transformed into a fully functional urban farm. Developments include a rabbit and deer proof fence, as well as a new orchard with 90 heritage trees. Last year the site was able to provide 4.5 tonnes of organically grown produce for the community.

Many different activities went on throughout the day. There were educational workshops for the children to learn more about the planting and growing process. They also planted potatoes and sowed many different vegetable seeds. We hope that they will come back and harvest them later in the season. Everyone also had a go at cooking flatbreads over the open fire. There were nature walks that went on both morning and afternoon. These were for everyone to learn about all the plants and animals that live in the surrounding area.

Nicky Shepard, CEO of Abbey People conducted the woodland walks for the day. Abbey People were also responsible for recruiting the families and organising the day. We received great feedback from the families; they all really enjoyed themselves and some even had the opportunity to make new friends. Both Nicky and the team are pleased to have had such a successful event in partnership with CoFarm Cambridge. Abbey People hopes partner on events like this again in the future.

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