Abbey Blog – Kickstart Programme

Aisha tells us about her experience working for Abbey People via the kickstart programme

I’m Aisha, a gap year student, and I have been working as a community assistant part time for Abbey People for around 4 months out of a 6-month kickstart programme position. The CEO Nicky and I exchanged emails about this position, and I was interviewed through a Zoom meeting. I was excited to hear about Abbey People and the range of things they do within their work. I had no previous experiences with Abbey People and enjoyed learning the different ways they impact the community. I have picked up key life skills within communication and understanding the community around me.

I feel as if it is important for me to say that although this experience for Abbey People was for a specific job role there are a range of opportunities available for people of all ages. This can include volunteering experiences also within the different opportunities and events they organise. There are a range of skills that you can learn through these experiences, to go alongside this the environment is friendly and team driven which is especially important for adapting as lockdown is adjusting.

For me this opportunity has been vital for understanding the community around me and being able to give back my time to those around me. I have been working mainly within the youth clubs and the Food Hub which has enabled me to learn about the different events and activities that Abbey People run and to be part of the preparation and running of these events. I enjoy increasing communication with others and building up my creativity which Abbey People have ensured tasks are suited around these goals and interests for me.

The main area of this experience that stands out to me the most is how the community comes together and interacts as one. This is furthered by the welcoming of volunteers and staff within the local area but also within the many wards of Cambridge as one community.


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