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Residents appeal to county council regarding underpass flooding

Regular underpass flooding is occurring at Barnwell Road, and residents are saying it could be dangerous. This is because the water is coming close to a high voltage electrical box. Cambridgeshire County Council have said that it will take 12 weeks to fix the drainage system. This means the subway won’t be useable for the foreseeable future.

Mike Kovacs, a nearby resident, has said that the underpass has flooded previously. However, within the past few weeks it has started to fill up more than usual. He has also said the water levels have been seen less than a metre below the electrical box. He criticised the approach being taken to fix the issue, stating that the council are not tackling the route of the problem.

Nicky Shepard, CEO of Abbey People, claims that measures have not been taken to discourage residents from entering the underpass. Children have been seen playing in the water which is now filling with litter. It is unknown wether the water is contaminated, and this could also be a risk. She also stated that the water could be a drowning risk for young children, especially as it is next to a primary school. She thinks that the council should take action and make the area safe so people cannot enter in the meantime.

A spokesperson for the council has declared that the electrical control box is not close to the water. They are working to repair the issue, and pedestrians are still able to cross the road using a nearby pelican crossing.

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